WHRO’s Emerging Leaders Board works to increase young professionals’ engagement in public media’s mission through the creation of unique, entertaining, and educational opportunities.

The role of the Emerging Leaders Board is twofold.  The Board is primarily charged with planning, promoting, and executing successful Board generated initiatives that promote the station to, and actively engage, millennial and similar audiences.  The secondary role is to review WHRO’s programming, community, and station initiatives and providing feedback and recommendations on opportunities to maximize reach to millennial and similar audiences. 

  • The Board will consist of up to 22 members who broadly represent the cultural, education, civic, ethnic, geographic, and economic diversity of the WHRO/WHRV coverage area and be within the age range of 21 to 40 in order to preserve focus on cohort interests.
  • The term of office for all members of the Board is three years.  If a member turns 40 during their term, they are allowed to serve the entire remainder of the term.
  • At least 60 days prior to the date scheduled for the annual January meeting, the Chair shall appoint a committee to nominate a slate of candidates to fill all vacant Board positions.
  • Applicants shall be recommended by the Board, WHRO Board, Community Advisory Board, Staff and members.  Potential members may also self-apply.
  • New Board membership is reviewed by a Membership Committee of the Board and recommended to Station Management by October 31th each year.  Station Management will approve in time to allow attendance for the first fall meeting.
  • Members must be contributing members of WHRO Public Media (minimum membership: $48.00)


  • Board meetings are at WHRO at 5200 Hampton Boulevard, Norfolk, VA 23508.  Additional offsite locations may be established by the Board
  • Meeting notices will be sent to Board members and promulgated on WHRO.org among other places at least ten days prior to a scheduled meeting
  • Members must attend a minimum of seven out of ten scheduled Board meetings.
  • Meetings are open to the public in an observer only capacity 
  • Meeting attendance will be noted in the minutes


  • Meetings and business of the Board shall be presided over and conducted by a Chair.
  • Chair is elected annually for a two-year term by Board membership and approved by WHRO.
  • A Vice-Chair is elected annually for a two-year term by Board membership and approved by WHRO to serve in the absence of the Chair.
  • The function of Secretary shall be performed by an employee or volunteer of WHRO, or member of the board as decided by the board. 
  • A Treasurer shall be elected by the board to be responsible for financial issues concerning cash
  • The Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasure make up the Leadership Committee.
  • Minutes of the meetings shall be distributed to and approved by the Board, filed in the business offices of WHRO/WHRV and posted online.
  • In consultation with the members, the Chair of the Board shall establish a schedule of meetings, set the agenda and preside over Board business.
  • Chair shall consult with Board members and prepare and annual report on the Board’s activities, reviews, and recommendations (if any) which shall be presented to the WHRO Management.
  • One-third (1/2) of the current seated voting members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.
  • Once convened, a meeting of the Board shall not be terminated for a lack of quorum, but the Board may refrain from transacting any business such as election of new members absent a quorum

Members are expected to serve on at least one committee to ensure recommended actions and events are properly executed.  Additional committees may be added as needed to fulfill the role of the Board.  Each committee will elect a Project Manager.  PM’s role will serve as lead for the committee and liaison to Board.

Administrative Committee, will ensure preparations are completed for each meeting. 
Secure refreshments as needed
Setup for each meeting
Agenda and handout distribution
An allowance for refreshments will be provided by WHRO

Membership Committee responsible for membership recruitment, nomination, development, and retention. 

Initiative Committee will plan, coordinate resources, and implement Board identified initiatives.


  • Once acceptance of a position as a member of Board, member agrees to:
  • Support the successful implementation of all Board initiatives
  • Suggest strategies to support WHRO/WHRV’s role in maintaining relevance and interest to current audiences with a focus on millennial age range
  • Be an ambassador of the station and represent WHRO/WHRV positively in the community
  • Identify individuals who meet Board membership criteria and recommend them
  • Attend at least seven out of ten board meetings.    Failure to fulfill meeting guidelines in any fiscal year (September 1 to August 31) will result in release from Board
  • Be a current contributing member of WHRO