What is it called when a hockey player scores three goals in one game?  A hat trick.

What do you call it when a sports team wins three consecutive championships?  A three-peat.

What do you call it when a public media station wins three national awards, more than any other station?  A WHRO.


On October 5-7, 2015, the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) held its annual conference in Tampa, FL.  NETA is a professional association that is to serves public television stations and educational affiliates by connecting ideas and by delivering high-quality educational services, responsive to the mission of their members.

Hundreds of public media station staff from all over the United States were in attendance at an awards ceremony Monday October 5, 2015, as NETA honored 20 stations for their work in community engagement, instructional media, promotion & marketing, and content production both online and broadcast.  At the event, WHRO was honored with awards for achievements in Community Engagement Based on a Local Project, Community Engagement Based on a National Project, and Instructional Media, more than any other public media station. 

Now in its 30th year, WHRO’s Great Computer Challenge received the award for Community Engagement Based on a Local Project.  This exciting program is a joint project of WHRO, the Consortium for Interactive Instruction and Old Dominion University. This is a competitive opportunity for students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade to demonstrate their knowledge of various computer applications and programming skills.  Categories include: Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, Music Composition, Desktop Presentations, Web Design, Internet Scavenger Hunt, Integrated Applications, Scientific/Non-Business Programming, Visual Programming, CAD, JAVA Programming and Video Editing. 

Hampton Roads is home to over 178,000 veterans and for years WHRO has recognized the importance of supporting the needs of our veteran community, their families and caregivers.  The award for Community Engagement Based on a National Project was for initiatives centered on Veterans issues – Stories of Service showcased national and local, multi-platform content while Veterans Coming Home focused on engagement and services available to service members. Working with community based partners WHRO publicized local services for veterans and facilitated a dialogue about issues and solutions, and connected veterans to local resources and support and created original local content centered on Veterans issues.

WHRO Education has been a leader in educational technology with over 50 years of proven experience and offers a broad range of online content and development services. As the station is very proud of the many years of work in education, we were very excited to receive the award for Instructional Media for Astronomy Online, part of WHRO’s Online Courses which contains online learning objects, instructional and assessment modules, mobile device apps and more.  In Astronomy Online, students examine the universe, and Earth’s place in it. Through media-rich content, engaging assessments, simulations, and scientific investigations, students explore this sub-section of Earth Science throughout history and the universe.  

As WHRO’s mission is based in serving the community, we could not be prouder of these awards and look forward to continuing to develop projects and initiatives that serve Hampton Roads.