WHRO's Emerging Leaders Board works to increase young professionals' engagement in public media's mission through the creation of unique, entertaining, and educational opportunities.

Do you …

  • Want to get involved in cool opportunities?
  • Want to participate in meaningful projects?
  • Want be part of exciting community events?
  • Want to make a difference in your community?

Then the WHRO Emerging Leaders Board is for you?


What is an Emerging Leaders Board?

WHRO’s Emerging Leaders Board is for young professionals between the ages of 21 and 40 who want to be actively involved in the Hampton Roads happenings by using the power of public media to connect, engage, and educate the community. 

We are looking for a few energetic and dedicated individuals to offer advice, use your expertise, and engage in your passions to create some buzz and make cool things happen that support WHRO’s mission.

The Emerging Leaders Board members will meet at least 10 times a year to provide support, guidance, and feedback to the station about the crucial needs of the community, the current trends, and how WHRO can respond. The Board’s role is to then, to borrow the words of a famous space ship commander, “make it so” and create opportunities to address the issues.


Why Should I Serve on an Emerging Leaders Board?

Serving on a young professional’s board in a community focused organization, such as WHRO, is a great way to indulge in what you love.  Board members have a variety of options to use their skills and interests to affect issues and address community and organizational challenges.  Being part of the Emerging Leaders Board offers leadership experience, which may not only help you in your job; it can be a great addition to your resume.  It is also an excellent way to learn more about public media, both television and radio. 

These Boards are not only about serious agendas filled with “come to order” and “make a motion.”  There also is plenty of room to meet other cool professionals, learn new skills, expand your network and build your resume.  And, of course, social events are great ways to engage, connect and involve the community.  Who doesn’t love, for example, craft beer, music, art and food trucks? 

Is there a Bob Woodward or a Barbara Walters in you? We would love Board members to contribute content and ideas for radio topics, The Scene, Let’s Eat, and WHRO’s American Graduate Blog.

There is something for everyone.  Join today.  Space is limited!

Information, guidelines and application.